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Adding a fresh coat of paint to your home or commercial property doesn’t just make your space look pretty — Olympia painting has some awesome benefits too!

We all want our homes or business spaces to look as great as we know they are. And of course, we also want to make a lasting impression on our family, friends, neighborhood, and clients. However, we cannot discount the fact that this job requires quite a lot of time, patience, and money. Is it worth the commitment? We’ve enlisted several benefits of painting Olympia to help in your deliberation.

Customize Your Space

Whether you just moved in or you simply want to revamp your space, painting your interiors and exteriors could be a great way to change the look of your real property.

When you move into a new home or office, all of the paint colors are pre-determined. Whether you are renting or you just bought it, you likely didn’t choose the colors before moving in. The colors of the walls are usually from the previous tenants or owners. Painting is your opportunity to coordinate the colors of your space with your decor, furniture, and most importantly your personality.

If you got bored with the current look and feel of your area, painting is a low-cost, quick, and effective technique to enhance the appearance of a home or office. By adding new paint to your facade, you are making the interior and exterior more appealing to everyone around you. You can choose from a variety of colors, designs and patterns for the best painting style to enhance and refresh your home. Even the simplest paint job can do wonders to your facade.

Colors can make us feel particular ways. If you want to feel energized or royal, happy or sleepy, there is a paint color that is perfect for the mood you are hoping to set. Imagine how much more pleasurable your life will be if your home is a reflection of what you most enjoy.

Add Value to Your Property

Besides having newly protected surfaces, freshly painted walls or exteriors is one of the fastest, most affordable ways to make your home or business facility more attractive. Whether you just want your space to look nicer or you’re trying to increase its value before calling a real estate agent, a fresh and bright painting is a great way to reach your goal.

Painting is an affordable way to make an upgrade to your property. It’s an easy way to save you money rather than doing a full-on remodel. Hiring house painters Olympia WA can make your home look newer, cleaner, and more attractive to potential buyers if you are looking into selling it. They’ll make sure your walls are adequately clean to ensure proper paint adhesion, and at the same time, repel all the dirt, dust, and allergens, keeping your property clean. Who wouldn’t want to spend more money on a house that looks new and clean?

With all the essential benefits that do a lot more than just a simple update to your property, you may be excited to start your paint project as soon as possible. However, if you’ve determined you don’t have the time or expertise to paint your house yourself, it’s time to hire help. Please reach out to our house painters in Spring Hill for all your painting needs near Tampa, FL.

Protect Your Investment

From hanging things, absorbing light, to all the dust, dirt, and grime, your walls go through a lot, getting worn-down quickly. If your home’s exterior is showing signs of wear, then you might need to paint it soon which can make your space not just attractive but also help protect it from damage – even address repair issues.

When you apply a fresh coat of paint every few years, you avoid wood rot which is an expensive problem. Paint is one of the most effective ways to prevent moisture from getting inside wood. It blocks the moisture and creates a protective barrier, preventing mold and mildew growth, and even more extensive damage to your walls.

In addition to solving problems, a decent coat of paint will help you identify larger issues to your property’s exterior that you might not have already noticed. Working to repaint your home can reveal an array of small flaws ranging from mold, mildew, and water stains to rotting wood caused by weakened paint. The good news is that once painters Olympia WA find these, they are not very difficult to repair. Once they are addressed, a solid, new paint job can prevent these damages from reappearing.

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While we don’t doubt your painting abilities, a complicated paint job will be far more successful if completed by professional painting contractors Olympia WA. Here are more reasons to consider:

​Time Savings

Even though you might save a few bucks by doing it yourself, don’t forget about all of those hours you’ll be spending on this painstakingly time-consuming project.  So, if you’re busy enough as it is – do you really want to spend your insignificant amount of spare time painting? Professionals can get the job done in no time, so you can focus on other tasks – either around the house or at work. 

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Even though 90% of painting is relatively safe, it’s that last 10% that keeps mothers up at night – the part where you need to climb on roofs, lean out windows, and often do some other crazy stuff to get the job done. Why would you do this yourself when you can easily hire professionals to do this stuff for you? Experienced painters know what they’re doing – and they do this every day!


Not everyone has the skill to make paint look good. Professional painters have the knowledge, experience and equipment necessary to get the job done well and fast – they know how to make the paint look good, how to get those hard-to-reach places, and the most critical parts of your home to paint. They know that certain areas of the home, such as the small gaps under side paneling or above a door, are extremely important. If you don’t paint those critical areas, your home is more susceptible to mold, critters or other types of damage. So basically, they will not only help the paint look better, they’ll also protect your home better.

Over all, you can definitely save a few bucks doing everything yourself. But a professional will do everything better and faster, saving you precious time and keeping you from any possible hazards. Plus, you get the peace of mind that everything is in tip-top shape. Now, do you think it’s worth it? Definitely, especially with Olympia Painters!

We can transform your residential or commercial property’s interior and exterior. Whether you need your whole house painted or just want to freshen up a room, Olympia Painters are equipped for all of your painting needs! Skillful, efficient and reliable professional painters are waiting for you. You may check out Olympia paint reviews as reference to our exceptional service. Call us today to schedule an appointment!